cabinturf, cabin,, Jazbo Gross, 2020, online space, text, video, sound, image, collaboration, ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, 2020
Online space
Created in collaboration with Tamu Nkiwane, Nikta Mohammadi, Rowe Mohammed, Nina Kock, Babak Akidle, Jade Blackstock, Jhenelle White, Chris Yankey, Victoria Kaldan & Maj Rafferty.


serf ica institute of contemporary art, current transmissions, Nikta Mohammadi, Tamu Nkiwane

SERF, 2020
Live score to Tamu Nkiwane's film 'Apochrypha'.
with Tamu Nkiwane, Mohammed Rowe and Nicola Tirabasso.
Current Transmissions, ICA, London

Petroleum Residue

no things just want, Freddie Mason, Jazbo Gross, 2019, article, text and video

No things Just want, 2019
Joint article with Freddie Mason
Online, text and video

smectic lcd, Freddie Mason, Jazbo Gross, 2016, still

Still from Smectic LCD, 2016

Preview, Smectic LCD
1 min.

Cactus Band

Cactus Band, 2017
From gig at cafe oto
45 sec. preview

Standing Still

Standing Still, 2018
In collaboration with Luli Perez
Video and performance.

Nielsen Sisters

love & peaces, Nielsen Sisters, Nielsen Movement, Jazbo Gross, 2016, 2015, music video, Madame Nielsen

Music videos, The Nielsen Sisters, 2015, 2016


Jazbo Gross, Thorbjørn Bredkjær, Bisse, 2014, 2015, music video, 24 hour tv, Bisse, Er Du På, collaboration Jazbo Gross, Thorbjørn Bredkjær, Bisse, 2014, 2015, music video, 24 hour tv, Bisse, Er Du På, collaboration, 2014
Online 24-hour television channel created in collaboration with Bisse (Thorbjørn Bredkjær)

Publications, curation and more

Talking to Ghosts
Article in The Post Pandemic Pandemic University

Curator, CSFF Opening Programme, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 2019

I Scared My Computer, Jazbo Gross, Exhibiting Artists, Seungjo Jeong, Anna Nazo, Adam J B Walker, Frances Young, Karen Bosy, Be Andr, Gareth Proskourine-Barnett, Contributing Writers, Elizabeth Atkinson, Eleanor Dare, Eleni Ikoniadou, Kyle Zeto, layout and design, William Bindley

I Scared My Computer, 2019 (Excerpt from publication)

SightUnseen is curated by Christina Mamakos and features Åsa Johannesson, Janina Lange, Christina Mamakos and Bridget Smith. It will be accompanied by a publication edited by the artists with Pauline van Mourik Broekman, funded by TECHNE/AHRC

SightUnseen, 2017 (Excerpt from publication)

Jazbo Gross, Antipyrine is an independent publishing project started in 2013 by editor/curator Mathias Kokholm. Publishing works of art, literature and theory; economics, technology, vandalism, publishing as medium and practice, schizophrenia, science fiction and conceptual poetry.edited by artist Jørgen Michaelsen, art-historian Mikkel Bolt, author Mikkel Thykier and Claus Handberg.

Text written collectively by Department of Extraordinary Film Production; X:YU142, and printed in the first issue of Mr. Antipyrine, 2014