Half moon over Tottenham Retail Not waxing, not waning Crisp white on dusk blue The park is covered in a blanket of murmurs and engines rumbling People don’t use their horns in car parks They yell out the window instead If it's really bad they say nothing and open the door This is the most menacing thing you can do in a car park He opens his car door An entire starling murmuration drops out of the sky at that exact moment All at once As if a shot had been fired A burly man emerging from the automatic doors of TK MAX recoils and screams as the starlings pick up flight inches from the ground in front of him His cry is deep at first, then breaks and trails off in a quivering falsetto that harmonises astonishingly well with the choir of starlings as they lift back into the sky above Currys PC World for their everyday feat of impossibly coordinated flight The ‘i’ in the Lidl logo is knocked over Sort of to the left, wedged between the L and the D (It might have always been like that but who’s to say this wasn’t the moment when it happened) The dot over the ‘i’ however is intact Tacitly full and in place Not affected by the gravity that seems to govern the rest of the ‘i’ There is a planetary logic to it all.